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Okay, a little back story on this post. So I’m cleaning out old files on my PC and I come across this recording of the video that you see below you which is the promo for the Glow In The Dark tour book that dropped a few years back. I listen to it and hit up google for watch it for the visual for nostaglic purposes because thats all I have to refer to since I didn’t go to the tour (stupid me I know). Anyway I’m looking to see if there was a DVD of the tour and I come across a site that said “KanYe West – Glow In The Dark Tour (Instrumentals)” my ears shot up, and I started on my super sleuth shit.I then searched for more and came up on these 5 records you have before you, which I had no idea exsisted before tonight. These are the actual versions that Ye used on the tour (shortened of course) for listening purposes but I guess the disc was released with the book or shortly after the tour. Either way this is a MUST HAVE for any Kanye West fan and fans of live instrumentation. Enjoy.

1. I Wonder/Heard ‘Em Say
2. Jesus Walks
3. Hey Mama
4. Touch The Sky
5. Interview/Digital Girl Verse