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What’s Good?! This week seems all too familiar, like people were just camping out for the new Idevice just a year ago. Well it’s because it was just last year that the 4S came out and people were waiting outside of Apple stores across the world. While all the Iphone 5 new “features” like a bigger screen and thinner design are I guess cool, there are features that came with today’s IOS 6 update that are possibly even much better and useful.
Facetime w/o Wifi
Personally, I didn’t use Facetime that much on my phone mainly because of the inconvenience of having to be connected to wifi to use it. But that problem isn’t going to be around anymore with the current IOS update allowing for people to facetime with 3g connectivity. If simply hearing a person’s voice wasn’t enough for communication, now you can see people doing random shit while out of their homes and hotspots. Stuck with an older IDevice, don’t worry, let me lay out what you can do with this new IOS.

Apple Maps
If you just got IOS 6, one thing that you’ll notice is that Google Maps is ultimately gone and has been replaced with Apple’s own maps app. If you constantly used Google Maps on the previous IOS, you probably felt as frustrated with it’s functionality as much as me. With the new Apple Maps, Apple created the same kind of features that Google Maps previously provided but have also added turn by turn directions. Turn by turn directions will allow for real-time GPS functionality and easy rerouting notifications to shorten trips.
Photo Insertion into Emails
One thing that bothered me with the old IOS was something that was really simple, and that was not being able to attach photos into emails seamlessly. With the latest update, IPhone/Ipad users will be able to do just that with ease. Now instead of having to copy individual photos and constantly go back and forth between the Photos and Email app, it can simply be done within the Email app.
New Call Features
When getting calls, the person on the other end is usually left hanging and left to wait until they have to leave a voicemail. With the new IOS, calls can now be rerouted straight to voicemail by the choice of the person receiving the call as well as choose to instantly message the person with a text/IMessage. The IOS will have built in message for a quick reply or you can simply just type one out real quick. Although it may be a small change, it does save some time and stop that person from constantly calling to get a hold of you.

One of the major changes with the new IOS is the inclusion of something called Passbook. Passbook is a new app which practically serves as a virtual wallet in which you can handle boarding passes, reservations, movie tickets and loyalty cards all in one place. With Passbook, everything will be categorized by functionality or by companies which will serve for easy management. Easily, this function will probably be the most functional out of the new apps and as long as companies sign up for the supposed free sign up, you may never have to carry individual cards in your wallet ever again